Interesting buildings near London's Canals

Spitfire Works NW8

Built for the Palmer Tyre Co and used to make aircraft parts during WWII, this 97,00 sq ft 1920s industrial building made parts for WWII fighter planes. The buildings were re-designed by Terry Farrell in 1988 providing light industrial units and offices, which included his own architectural practice. The aspect that I find potentially more attractive building is the one in Hatton Street with its unsual wing fascias that remind us of aeroplanes. The rest of the building's upper section has a more austere style typical of many factories of the time. Of course the frontage has been altered to enhance the building's character, and it seems to work well. The building in Penfold Street has a totally different style, which is a much more basic kind of art deco, that depends on its white painted walls to give maximum impact

The main buildings in Hatton Street

Upper floors of the Hatton Street buildings showing the 'wings'

The rear of the Hatton St building and the front/side of the Penfold St building

The Great Central's Goods Terminal used to be found opposite the Penfold Street frontage, at one time this was a very busy industrial estate and it is without a doubt that many aircraft parts could have been transported by rail from the depot across the road to other locations for assemblage into planes

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